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Warriors Athletics

Wando High School


Warriors Athletics

Wando High School

Warriors Athletics

Wando High School

Team News.

Team News

9 months ago @ 7:18PM


Congratulations to our Fall Captains!

Seniors Kelsey Lemke and Bethany Holden 

Team News

9 months ago @ 1:55AM


ALL Pre-Season Conditioning will meet outside by the weight room ready to go by 4 PM unless otherwise instructed. 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


October 16 & 18 Full Gear Practice 4:30-6:30 

Please email/see Coach Black if you have any questions

Team News

11 months ago @ 1:00PM

Fall Meeting and Conditioning

Welcome Back!

We will have our first lacrosse interest meeting Thursday, September 7 in T19 4-4:45

Conditioning and strength training will start the last week of September and continue until November - it will be after school three to four days/week.  You will NEED to have your physical completed before you may participate - the forms are located on the Wando High athletic page.

See Coach Black if you have any questions

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:36PM

Fall/Winter Prep.

Off-Season Fall Workout*

Wando High School Girls Lacrosse

Off Season Workouts: After school TBA in December, January and February (must have current physical on file to participate)

It is the expectation of the coaches that each player will be doing these workouts four to five days per week.  This will not only make you a better player but allows us to spend less time on conditioning and fundamentals at the start of the season.  

You will be assessed on these skills, as well as endurance, during try-outs.  Remember there is no substitute for stick work!


Fitness: By the first week of practice, we expect every player on the team to be able to run a 7:45 mile and a 3:45 half mile on the track. We also expect that every player complete 25-30 push-ups, can sustain a 2-minute 30-second wall-sit and a 1-minute 30-second plank. Additionally, during tryouts, players will be tested for their 300 yard dash time.

Wall Ball on the Move

Standing flat-footed and stationary, casually throwing the ball against the wall, does not prepare your stick for the chaos of a lacrosse game. You must be moving.

Alternate static wall-ball drills and moving wall-ball drills. Static drills include classic dominant and non-dominant hand repeats, catching weak side, switching, quick-sticks, etc.

Mix in these moving drills with your stationary routine, with high reps of both to create a 45-minute wall-ball routine and a great workout.

  1. Run parallel to the wall, throwing leading passes with your stick down field. Turn around and use the opposite hand. Repeat going up and down 10 times, take a break and repeat two more times.

  2. Face the wall, 20 yards away. Throw a long pass to the wall while running toward it. Catch the deflected long pass and do a quick-stick as you approach the wall. Catch the second deflection, jog back 20 yards and repeat.

  3. Start on the right side of the wall, stick in your right hand. Throw, catch and then switch to your left hand while sprinting parallel to the left side of the wall. Now throw with your left hand, catch and switch while sprinting back to the right side of the wall. Repeat 10 times.

Endurance Sprints

Never in a lacrosse game do you run uninterrupted, at one pace, for the entire game like you do on a long, slow run. Instead, stack sprints and bodyweight exercises to build lacrosse-specific endurance. This workout will ensure that you’ll feel stronger in those last 10 minutes of a close game.

  1. Sprint 120 yards (full field w/end zone), jog back and do 10 burpees immediately. Rest 30 seconds.

  2. Sprint 100 yards, jog back, do nine burpees and rest 30 seconds.

  3. Continue decreasing your sprint in increments of 20 yards until you run a 20-yard sprint and do five burpees.

  4. Rest two minutes, do the same rotation with push-ups and then another with abdominals.

Plyometric Wall Ball

There are other ways to strengthen your body’s ability to explode from stillness, and they require only your bodyweight. Add stick work to plyometrics, and you’re set.

  1. 20 right and 20 left on the wall.

  2. 10 burpees. Repeat three times.

  3. 50 throw right, catch and switch.

  4. 50 throw left, catch and switch.

  5. 10 lunge jumps. Repeat three times.

  6. 20 right-handed, catching weak side.

  7. 10 left-handed, catching weak side.

  8. 10 pushups. Repeat three times.

Ladders in Lacrosse Drills

If you want to take your ladder workout to the next level, specify it with position-specific drills that will help prepare you for the game scenarios you see when you are playing.


Set the ladder up straight to the top of the 12-meter (coming from the direction of the opposite cage). Do different forward and lateral agilities. Then receive a ball from behind or the side and shoot. To add a dimension, ask the feeder to tell you where to shoot (high right, for example) as they feed it, so your mind has to focus on nailing that spot.


Set up five to 10 balls on the ground about 10 yards in front of the ladder, in different locations. Do different forward and lateral agilities through the ladder. Then sprint to pick up the ground ball and run through about 10 yards. You can have a partner throw a ground ball away as you exit the ladder so you have to react to where it goes. You also can have a partner throw you a pass immediately after the ladder.


*Based of USLacrosse Guidelines


Team News

1 year ago @ 8:43PM

Spring Break

Please keep your calendar free during spring break (March 30-April 7) the VARSITY team will be having practice and games during this time.
It is an expectation that every player on the varsity team is in attendance.

Team News

1 year ago @ 3:35PM


Tryouts: January 22-24

4-6 PM

All tryouts will be held at Wando High School on the 'B' team practice fields by the bus loop in the back of the school.

To be eligible for tryouts all players MUST:

  • Have a current physical (dated after 4/1/2017) on Planet High School - all three (3) forms are on
  • Players must have proper equipment - cleats, mouth guard, stick, goggles - none will be provided
  • Arrive on time - reminder players can ONLY park in the student parking lot

Please also bring the following:

  • Sneakers
  • Water bottle 
  • Extra clothes 

If you need additional information or have questions please contact Coach Black
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