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Warriors Athletics

Wando High School


Warriors Athletics

Wando High School

Warriors Athletics

Wando High School

Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 3:47PM

2018 Baseball Tryout Times

Jan. 29 - Feb 1 (Mon-Thurs.)

  • 4:00 - 5:45 Varsity
  • 6:00- 8:00 JV (Including Middle School)
  • **** Times are listed as Varsity and JV only as a means of keeping group numbers similar. VARSITY AND JV WILL BE FINALIZED AFTER TRYOUTS
  • There will be a brief parent meeting at the beginning of each session on Monday. This is not mandatory. It is only to clarify the tryout  process.


  • Players must have a current physical dated after April 1 2017 on file at Planet High School 
  • 3 page physical form can be found at
  • All 3 physical forms must be on file at Planet High School. NO PAPER COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Directions for PHS can be found on athletics web site
  • Players must supply their own  equipment
  • Players are to be dropped off and picked up in parking lot outside gravel road. No one is to drive down the gravel road.
  • Parents/Family are welcome to watch tryouts from bleachers
  • More tryout info can be found on baseball web site under news tab 

Team News

1 year ago @ 11:57AM

2018 Tyout Info Letter

Prospective Wando Baseball Players & Parents,


 Varsity, Junior Varsity Tryouts: Jan. 29-Feb. 1



      I am sending this letter to inform you of the baseball tryout process at Wando High School, and what to expect from these tryouts.  Before students, grades 7-12, can tryout for the baseball team, he must be eligible under the provisions of the South Carolina High School League.  These guidelines state that a student must be in good standing academically to be eligible to participate in athletics during the spring sports season.  Each participant must also have a current physical and parent consent form on file in Planet HIgh School. The three forms and directions for Planet High School are available on the web site . There is a Planet High School tab on the main page. If an individual does not fulfill these requirements, they cannot tryout for the team. PHYSICALS MUST BE COMPLETED ON PLANET HIGH SCHOOL PRIOR TO FIRST DAY OF TRYOUTS. NO PAPER COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. ALL FORMS MUST BE SIGNED BY PLAYER AND PARENTS PRIOR TO TRYING OUT! FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A MISSED TRYOUT DAY. 

       Tryouts will be held at the baseball field on campus of Wando High School. Parents are welcomed to attend tryouts. Parents who attend must park in the student parking lot and walk down the gravel road. Only coaches and players are permitted on the field and area surrounding batting cages. Pick up area for players will be in the student parking lot..

      During this tryout procedure, the athlete will be evaluated in a number of areas.  The players will be evaluated in terms of attitude, arm strength and accuracy, hitting, fielding, and running speed.  Not only are athletic skills and potential objectively calculated during the tryout process, but also the needs of the team are considered in the difficult task to cut someone. Each player will be given a minimum of three evaluations. Making cuts is by far the worst part of a coach’s job.  To tell a young man who wants to play baseball, and who has probably played for several seasons in rec. league/ or travel ball, that he cannot play for Wando High School is a very difficult and unpleasant task for a coach. It is a responsibility I take very personal. Each player will be told individually in a meeting whether they make the team.  Just because someone made the team last year does not mean that he has a spot on this year’s team.  By the same token, just because someone was cut the year before, it does not mean that he will not make the team this year.  Again, making cuts is an anguishing task that must be done.


      I take great pride in my job here at Wando, and I will work very hard to ensure the success of our program.  In turn, I expect each athlete who makes the team to be willing to work just as hard.  He will be asked to make sacrifices of time and energy.  During the season, he will be asked to budget his time for studies, practice and games, and for leisure activities.  My philosophy is that during the season, the player’s priorities should be: Family, School, and Baseball.  Everything else comes after these.  Playing baseball takes a true commitment by each player and his parents.


      Hopefully, this letter has provided essential information about the tryout process at Wando High School.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.








 Dirk Thomas

 Head Baseball Coach
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